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Mountain Fair

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If you’ve held a Dark Mountain book in your hands, you’ll know that we give as much thought to the artwork that runs through its pages as we do to the writing. A few weeks ago, we made a call-out for writers to contribute to this autumn’s special issue on the theme of ‘the sacred’. Today we follow that up with a call for artists to take part in a special collaboration initiated by long-term Dark Mountain contributor Thomas Keyes. Drawing on his experience as a graffiti artist in Belfast and his exploration of the collaborative techniques that produced the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, Thomas is putting together a team of artists to illuminate this issue of Dark Mountain. Read on for details of how you can get involved – and please share this call-out with artists you think might want to take part. The rhizome is a …

The Granola Chronicles

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Bye, bye blogger. You’ve been good to me, but it’s time to move on. Time to move on to a new website that fully captures the essence of the blog and has an actual web store where items can be purchased securely on-line without having to call me with a credit card number. A lot of you did just that and I appreciate every single one of you. You all have helped make Black Mountain Cycles what it is today. Most of the products we sell are exclusive to Mountain Warehouse, unlike other outdoor clothing shops. By cutting out the middleman we can produce the best quality products at the best prices. We pride ourselves on providing great value outdoor gear and at Mountain Warehouse you can be sure to receive honest advice from our knowledgeable staff.

I’m not really sure how I fell into this. I suppose it’s all …

The Mountain

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Welcome to the official Cableway website. Find essential info for planning your visit to Table Mountain. This can all sound very cloying. Western middle class people going ‘back to the land’ is a modern cliché, and when we think we are hearing that story we tend to react in a particular way, positive or negative depending on our political or cultural persuasions.

The last photo is where it comes down the mountain and goes across the ground. We have followed the spring up the mountain where it comes out in a rocky wall. It will run for a couple weeks and then suddenly stop as fast as it starts. We need to keep people off our driveway so they don’t make a tire rut where the water will then run and cut a channel in the driveway.

My family treated me in special ways for Mother’s Day with flowers, chocolate, …

McElmurray’s Mountain Retreat!

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You’ve got to love a red gate. Many of the gardens also have great mountain views. You can just see the blue view peeping through Autumn tree here. The Award is a fundamental part of the UIAA Mountain Protection Commission ‘s commitment to encouraging and supporting the conservation of natural resources, landscapes and diverse cultures in mountain regions. Through the MPA, the Commission specifically focuses on the promotion of positive behaviour and education in mountain tourism and recreation.mountain

Spectators are welcome to watch the event from the course finish area which will be located behind the Blue Mountain Inn. Spectators and guests can also watch live coverage of the race in the World Cup Celebration Festival Area located in the Blue Mountain Village. Guests can also enjoy free family activations and live music in the Village throughout the weekend.

Apocalyptic stories about of the end of the world are sexy, …

Mountain Partners

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The UIAA Mountain Protection Award (MPA) was created in 2013. The Award serves as a platform where showcased initiatives receive promotion as part of the extensive international UIAA network. Each year, one project claims the annual prize for best initiative, awarded at the UIAA General Assembly. Please help us pray for the presence of the Lord to meet us on the mountain again this year. Please pray that the Lord will bless and anoint Brother Waldrep and Brother Wilkins. Please pray that AMA 2015 will be used of God to advance His Kingdom in these last days!mountain

This Diamondback model comes with a full suspension and a 29 inch wheel, by having these two you will get the perfect bike that can go over all types of terrain. Some of the featured components have been designed to help with keeping the weight of the bike low and with the help …