Bradshaw Mountains

Mountain Warehouse has been offering quality outdoor clothing and equipment at the lowest prices since 1997. From hiking clothing and camping equipment to ski wear and running gear we stock everything you need for your outdoor activities. Had a good time with the guys, mostly playing at the park and checking out the visiting funfair. We got a proper soaking in the afternoon where a heavy shower broke loose, followed by thunder and lightning! It’s hard to run for cover with a pushchair and two little nuggets hanging off you!

Fixing the flaws from the current site. Maybe you’ve noticed some of these – the lack of notifications when people reply to your comments, or the step in the order process where it gets stuck if you haven’t picked a county” in your address. Building a new site will finally allow us to take care of these little nuisances.mountain

By order of preliminary injunction, the gate at the trailhead will remain open to allow for full access to the Preserve by the public until further order of the Court. The Court recognized that this trailhead has long served as one of the primary access points to the Mountain, including the point of entry for local emergency and fire departments.mountain

The word that keeps coming to my mind to describe this evening is ‘fragile’. It captures both the strength and the vulnerability of my situation, of the puffins and of the islands themselves. The Shiants are the nesting ground of one of the last flourishing populations for puffins: huge populations in Iceland and elsewhere have quite suddenly disappeared as climate change has brought warm waters that have disturbed the delicate ecological balance on which they depend. The basalt columns that form the Shiant Islands appear strong and stable, but are weakly jointed; over time, wind and waves penetrate the joints, allowing large chunks to break away. And indeed of all of us, despite the veneer of civilisation, are at root unprotected in a wild world and the wild universe.mountain

The parties expect a ruling on the injunction next week. For now, the temporary restraining order remains in full force and effect. Ruffner claims an easement by prescription of the subject trailhead, citing evidence of the public’s use in accessing the Preserve for more than 20 years.