Aran Island Ferries

Choosing the right island can definitely make the difference in your vacation experience. Many travelers assume the islands of the Caribbean are all the same, with great beaches, plenty of sun and warm turquoise waters and most islands offer plenty of the above. I say most because the islands of Dominica and Saba are not on any beach lovers list. For sheer natural beauty and solitude, Cat Island is the pick of the bunch. A 50-square-mile island, it offers a tranquil retreat with rolling hills, lush green forests and vast expanses of windswept beaches. There are few creature comforts here, and visitor activities typically center around swimming, hiking and poking through the ruins of the old, Colonial plantations. Sights on the island include the Hermitage, a miniature, hand-built abbey on Mount Alverina, the highest point on the island at 206 feet; and the ruins of the Deveaux Plantation at Port Howe, a veritable slice of local history in a spectacular setting.

The Ferry services to Koh Lipe are quite budget friendly and this makes it a perfect holiday destination for anyone traveling on a budget. Just find a cheap flight to the Langkawi International airport then take a taxi to the Pier where you will board your ferry to the Koh Lipe. This trip to Koh Lipe gives you a lot of relaxation in a fresh air environment with least pollution. You also get a great chance to enjoy the tropical sun and the beautiful sceneries especially the evening sunset on the beaches. With great accommodation for all kinds of travelers, you can easily find a facility that best suits your needs. If you have some cash to spend then you have a choice of luxurious resorts, comfy villas, and five-star hotels. For those traveling on a budget look out for affordable inns, bed and breakfast hotels and a number of several other pocket-friendly accommodations.

I would not be one of the few. It was like running in a nightmare, except it wasn’t my imagination: I was indeed being chased. Returning to the twists and turns that signaled the last 500 meters of the race, I heard what a cavalry charge must sound like. That one man can evoke a hundred thundering battle horses is a testament to the ferocity of Mike DeCarli. He darted past, legs a blur. While humbling, I could not help but enjoy the sheer majesty of it.island

The course was pretty direct, just a straight shot out to the Ocean Sports boat, around it, and back in. Not surprisingly, high school senior Leahi Camacho was the first out of the water by quite a margin. Rumor has it she swam so fast because she needed to get ready for prom that evening.islandisland

The first recorded contact with the Sentinelese was the mid-1800’s, when an Indian shipwreck was forced to land ashore. To anyone’s knowledge, no one had ever been there before that. To mark the occasion, the Sentinelese shot a shitstorm of arrows at the crew without speaking a word or announcing their presence. The Shipwreck survivors wisely got the hell off. They then told everyone who would listen about the experience.