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We don’t add any nasty surprises, you won’t pay a cent extra booking through us. We find you all the options based on your search at no extra cost! We just link you directly to the airline or travel agent so you get the cheapest flights on offer. The primary aim of this group was to ensure the continuity of a reliable air connection to and from Brussels, the capital of Europe, and this in the context of the extensive perturbations caused by Sabena’s cessation. The new company was called SN Brussels Airlines, and it posted its first positive results as early as 2003.airline flights

I regard Mesa’s CEO Jonathan Ornstein as a person who views business as a chess game. His goal is to win, and he moves his pieces to exert pressure until he reaches his goals or is forced into defeat. He’s a calculator much like Russsia’s president Putin. What bothers me about the fare increase is that it takes most of the financial pressure off Aloha Airlines, yet it falls far short of relieving go! airlines of its losses. In other words, go! loses more than it gains with this move. I believe Ornstein is a better chess player than this, so I note ding number 1.

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A victory by Hawaiian is a further wakeup call to Hawaii residents regarding the truthfulness of statements made by Mesa officials. Mesa knows how to work the media for maximum spin factor, but such tricks don’t work in a courtroom. Let me correct myself, they don’t make any difference with the judge. Today in court I witnessed an interesting strategy by Mesa’s attorney. He introduced snide statements about the intentions of Hawaiian Airlines which had absolutely no relevance to the matter under consideration. Why? I believe he is carrying out Mr. Ornstein’s wish to continue the propaganda war. He’s hoping that the newspaper reporters in the crowd will pick up on the comments and salt them into their articles. One can only get away with such strategies when one is spending tons of money on newspaper advertising (which Mesa is doing). It’ll be interesting to see if the strategy works.airline flights