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Today’s trip-planning professionals are not your grandmother’s travel agent. As experts with a wealth of knowledge of the world at our doorstep, they do so much more than simply book plane tickets. Our customers come from all walks of life, so our holiday and vacation itineraries are deliberately flexible covering a wide variety of personal interests to maximize our client’s holiday satisfaction. Our tours provide a good mix of free time, adventure, sightseeing, culture, history,Discover and of course, fun!

My son and family were lied to by a 3rd party to book at Coco Key. We were severely abused and have pictures of the bed bug bites. I still have a bed bug in a container I caught. Coco Key had my review taken down and every review I try to post Trip Advisor takes down or doesn’t post. That’s when I found TripAdvisor is affiliated with Coco Key. They don’t care my son could have died. I believe TripAdvisor should be shut down because they are liars and do not allow people to give fair reviews. My bank refunded the money from Coco Key.

WHO advises that, at 3 October 2010, over 40,000 cholera cases (almost 2,000 deaths) have occurred in the region, with Cameroon, Chad, Niger & Nigeria being the countries most affected. Flooding with the rainy season, poor hygienic conditions and population movements have been blamed for the greater than usual number of cases. Food and water precautions are essential for prevention of cholera but an oral cholera vaccine (Dukoral) is available for travellers who are at risk. See the personalised Travel Health Reports and Fact Sheets for further information.

Malaria cases (P.vivax) are still occurring in Greece with at least 11 more locally acquired cases reported since June 2012. Originally, by October 2011, locally acquired P.vivax malaria cases were described from Evrotas (Lakonia District), Eastern Attiki, Evia, Viotia, Larissa, with most cases being from rural areas of Evrotas. Since then cases have been documented from other towns. While malaria cases have been described in persons entering Greece from malaria endemic areas, some cases have been acquired by persons who have not travelled to a malaria area, indicating that they acquired malaria in Greece. Travellers are advised to be vigilant with anti-mosquito measures and consider malaria in cases of fever. See Fact Sheets and Travel Health Reports for further advisor

With recent typhoons there has been flooding in a number of countries including Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. This increases the risk of outbreaks of diseases such as those related to contaminated water e.g. diarrhoeal diseases (including cholera) and leptospirosis. When flooding is extensive, outbreaks may occur in urban areas as well as rural areas. See travel health reports for further advisortravel advisor