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A Look at the Growing Trend of Smart Homes. The growth of technology can only tell you how much we expect great things to happen in the future. Driverless vehicles are about to enter the market, and they will change the transport industry forever. Looking at how things are rapidly changing, one can only see that some things are no longer fiction. Handheld devices represents a fraction of some of the changes that technology has experienced. A few years ago, no one thought of the possibility of having a smartphone. However, these devices are here, and they will keep changing and evolving. Our homes are also being upgraded with the power of smartphones. In modern times, we have homes that have an advanced technology and are being referred to as smart homes. Unlike before where smart homes were considered to be a science fiction, today these homes exist. More homes today have been automated and come with state-of-the-art security.
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Boca Raton is among cities in Miami that have been affected by this technology. Compared to a decade ago, there are many Boca Raton home automation today. People in Boca Raton are beginning to understand the need of using this new and exciting technology.
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According to one Boca Raton home automation company, three out of five homes in this city are using home automation systems. Going back a few years ago, this number was nowhere near that. People are embracing this technology due to some added advantages that it brings. The ability to control your home appliances from the click of a button has been impressive. With home automation systems, there is no need for you to be physically available in your home to control such things like ventilation. You also have the power to assign different rooms with different ventilation and heating levels. With the introduction of cloud services, you can now control your automated home through these services. Through the cloud services, you can travel around the world and still manage your home. The security is also amazing. Companies like Ring.Com allow you to answer your doorbell through your smartphone. This innovative technology allows you to get a video stream when someone rings your door. The process is easy as the technology uses an application that is installed on your smartphone. In recent years, home automation in Miami has been on the rise. Some cities like Coral Springs and Lauderdale are among the most affected by home automation in Miami. Technology experts in Miami have given their verdict that all houses will be automated in Miami in the next few years.