Scoring a accomodation in Las Vegas without breaking your bank – Few tips

Besides few exceptions in the extremely luxurious category, majority of the hotel rooms in Las Vegas are the same. Once you take into account the price and location, you won’t be able to spot much difference between rooms except the size and the quality of the furniture. As long as hotel prices in Vegas are concerned, they’re anything apart from being fixed and this is the reason why you may see a wide range of prices of hotels.

Although your chances of hitting a jackpot in Las Vegas might be slim enough but grabbing a stay without going through the hassles of blowing a hole in your wallet isn’t hard though if you know the steps that you should take. Here are some such steps for you if you’re worried about Las Vegas accomodations.


#1: Know the right time to go

Did you know that rates are generally the lowest on Sunday to Thursday when the bigger conventions are not in town? If you see that your dates are flexible enough, you can opt or easy planning where you can take resort to monthly calendars which show lowest rates for every single day. It is typically shown that July, August and middle of December are few of the slower times in Las Vegas when accomodation rates are pretty lower.

#2: Choose the right resort at the right place

You need to be aware of the fact that strip hotels are usually costlier than the ones which are downtown but you tend to make the most out of your bucks as compared to various other cities. When you choose the downtown hotels, you can get the typical revitalizing impact with trendy bars, redone hotels, restaurants and gamers who are trying to bet with their lowest minimums. You can easily locate rooms which charge you less than $30. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority’s revamped website can be used as a lucrative source for booking and promotion details.

#3: Either be a player or join the player’s club

The house usually wins and if you think you’re better off at the game on the table, you can definitely join the players club at casinos or the homely resorts where you can spend enough time. Here membership is free of cost and it can offer sign-up bonuses like discounts on buffets. You may also accumulate points or get discounts on buffers or cheap lodgings.

#4: The best hotel in Vegas is most often the one that’s new in town

The hotels in Las Vegas usually don’t age well and there’s a push and competition to become the most exciting ones. But whenever you feel your purse strings get tightened, you can be sure that the newest hotel in town is often the best one in town. Don’t forget to consult review sites so that you can go through their content before choosing.

So, now that you’re aware of the few ways in which you can grab a Las Vegas accomodation, don’t make a mistake which might spoil the entire deal.