How To Stay Beautiful While Travelling

Travelling is immensely rewarding, by all accounts it is both enjoyable and really helps one grow as a person. It enriches you as a human being. However, travel can take a huge toll on your hair, skin and overall appearance. Big cities are cultural hotspots – they are epicentres of new trends, fashion, entertainment etc. Unfortunately, most metropolises also have deplorable air quality. Certain cities like New Delhi are so highly polluted that your eyes will burn while walking through the busy streets. Natural settings have the ability to take your breath away; but the dust, sand, sun, cold etc. can make a grim impact on your appearance. Well, travelling does NOT have to make you look less attractive. Here is some tried and tested advice on how to look good while traveling.

1) Drinks lots of water: People usually avoid drinking too many fluids when on the road (or in the air). One of the prime reasons for this is that more often than not, public restrooms and even plane toilets are quite dirty – people are just not keen on using them. If you don’t drink enough water, your skin will look flaky and dry. This is especially true in dry, air-conditioned environments such as aeroplanes and cars. So unless you fancy arriving at your destination looking five years older than you actually are, drink sufficient amounts of water. Flight attendants usually serve water in tiny cups – don’t hesitate to ask for a refill or simply take a water bottle along with you. Travelling usually involves at least some degree of physical activity and drinking enough water prevents dehydration. Added bonus, drinking lots of water can also help relieve jet lag!


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2) Don’t completely neglect your beauty routine: No arguments here, it is very hard to maintain a normal beauty routine while travelling. So maybe instead of trying to keep it up, just try to top it up by really going all out once in a while. Book yourself a visit to a day spa, with the works. Facial, body scrub etc etc. It will make you feel great and have the added bonus of enjoying the rest of your time all the more, because of the relaxation and confidence a good makeover can bring.


A mid travel facial can be just the thing to get your beauty routine back on track while travelling. Image courtesy of Varda Spa in Sydney

3) Go without makeup whenever possible: Do you really need makeup while hiking or just strolling on a beach. (Well, your selfie might come off as a bit dull but maybe an Instagram filter could do the trick?) Going without makeup allows your skin to breathe and recuperate. Make it a point to protect your skin with a moisturizer or sunscreen (depending upon the weather).

4) Pack light: You certainly don’t need an entire bottle of conditioner for a week-long trip. This simply increases weight. Most manufacturers sell pocket sized packages of their products. Buy these or in the case of shampoos – simply buy a few sachets as they are light and practical. Alternately, you can transfer small amounts of the product into small empty bottles (hotel samples, pill bottles etc.) Just make sure that the cap closes tightly.

5) Nourish your skin: You can make a simple rejuvenating face mask using just honey and lemon juice. (Both items are probably available at the breakfast counter of your accommodation). You can also pamper yourself with some local beauty procedures like massages, hairdos and so on.


6) Be smart with clothes and footwear: Pack clothes that are stylish, lightweight as well as comfortable. Don’t pack too much stuff – this leaves more room for shopping! Honestly, you only need three types of footwear – flip flops (or sandals) for the hotel and on the beach, heels for upmarket venues such as restaurants and nightclubs and sports shoes for walking and hiking. Consider the places you plan to visit and pack accordingly.

7) Prevent your make-up from melting! If you travelling close to the equator, temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius are definitely not unheard of. Such high levels of heat can cause your cosmetic products to melt. Keep a cheap lip-balm at the back of the stove while cooking and you’ll notice that after a few minutes – it turns into this kind of weird molten substance. The same holds true for other cosmetic products as well. In order to prevent this, always store them in a cool and dry place. You can even keep them in the fridge of your hotel room (or in front of an AC vent). This way, the makeup will feel cool and refreshing when you apply it.

Understand that traveling is all about looking past the superficial. Don’t let your looks make you insecure. Lose yourself in the incredible, wondrous beauty of the world and remember – you can only look beautiful if you feel beautiful!