Preparing for an Epic Cycling Trip

If you are wanting to cycle from London to Paris for one of the charity challenges, you are in for a major life-changing experience. This astonishing and difficult ride will be a physical test and also a mental one, yet when you touch base at your goal you will feel extraordinarily glad for yourself for what you have finished. Additionally, by doing the London to Paris cycle challenge you will have raised a considerable measure of cash in support of the noble cause of your choice.


So how might you ensure that cycling from London to Paris goes as easily as could reasonably be expected? Here are some useful tips that you ought to remember:

•             Start preparing your body when you discover that you are going on a London to Paris ride. Get yourself into a decent condition of physical wellness, so you will have the capacity to handle the testing long distance ride. Training should begin at least a few months in advance.

•             Give your bicycle an intensive examination and ensure that it is working great. It ought to be conformed to the correct height for you and the majority of the apparatuses and wheels ought to be spotless and recently checked by a bike specialist.

•             Make sure that you are eating a healthy diet in the days paving the way to the bicycle ride and that you are staying away from junk food, nicotine and liquor.

•             Get the correct apparel for your cycling trip. You should always be wearing a good quality helmet and cycling clothing and you ought to have lights on your bicycle to keep you safe.

•             It is also critical to consider the temperature and whether you will require arm warmers, gloves and a cap while you are cycling.

•             Ensure beyond any doubt that you get a lot of rest and recuperation when you are preparing and that you get no less than 8 hours of rest every night. Without this rest, it is hard to have the energy to complete your journey.

•             Take enough sustenance and water on the ride with you and ensure that you are keeping your body fuelled. Don’t wait until you are hungry and thirsty – at that point your body is already losing energy stores.

•             Stay hydrated! It is vital to drink no less than 0.5 litres of water every half hour that you are cycling.

•             Prepare enough extra change in both pounds and Euros and ensure that you have a bank card so you can take out money on the road.

•             Bring layers so that you can dress per the climate conditions.

•             Bring along a puncture repair pack just on the off chance that you must make a repair to your bicycle when you are out and about.

•             An additional bicycle chain may likewise prove to be useful, you never know when you may require it.

•             It is additionally a smart thought to have an emergency first aid kit with you, which incorporates cool packs, warm packs, sterile dressing, scissors and gauzes. On the off chance that you hurt yourself out and about you can fix it up until you get to the following town where you can wash it and care for it.

•             Proper course arranging is vital. On a charity challenge from London to Paris you will probably be going with a group and the course will be laid out for you. However, in the event that you are endeavouring the journey all alone you should arrange out the best course to get there securely and proficiently.

•             Make sure that you figure enough time for taking breaks and stops. This permits you to drink some water, eat some sustenance, assess your bicycle and rest so that you don’t get excessively depleted on the trek.

•             Bring cream for seat injuries – the rubbed skin on your bum and thighs when you are sitting in a bicycle for a long time can become raw and sore.

These are only a few tips to remember when you are going up against a long challenge ride from London to Paris. Cycling challenges can be a long and troublesome adventure, yet with the correct planning your trek will go as easily as possible. Obviously, the most important thing is to have a ton of fun!