Day: December 13, 2016

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Do you want to know interesting things about airline tickets? I’ll write it here soon. There are many Churches, Cathedrals, Galleries and Mountains cover a vast area of London and offer to be a safe haven. A home away from home which offers you a glimpse into an exotic and carefree lifestyle, London is the place to be. And when low air fares compliment such a mesmerizing trip, then there is just no looking back.

Even after you buy a ticket, you still have a chance to save. If you go to /airline-refunds , you can sign up to receive free notifications if your ticket price drops. ( TripIt Pro has a similar service though it’s part of an annual $49 membership.) With Yapta, if the price drop is greater than the cost of your airline’s change fee, you can call the airline and pocket the difference. If the price …