Clever Ways to Add Some Sparkling Romance to Your Life

While many people would love to add some extra romance to their lives, knowing how to do this isn’t always easy. It can be extremely difficult to work out how best to spend quality time together doing something that is fun for both of you.

However, there are some excellent ideas that you can put into practise if you want to live your relationship to the full. Which of the following can you imagine doing with your partner in the next few months?

Arrange a Fabulous Dinner Party for Two

There are still few romantic events that can match the sheer pleasure of an intimate dinner for two. This is simply a sensational way to spend a few hours together alone while doing something highly enjoyable.

If you are going to be cooking for the event then it is a good idea to look for some meal ideas filled with tasty aphrodisiacs such as oysters, avocado and chocolate. You will want to put a lot of extra effort into getting the food just right for this dinner.

After that, there is also a lot of work to be done on getting the perfect atmosphere too. Candles, soft music and some attractive flowers are among the classic touches to aim for here.

With all of the preparation done the final step is to ensure that there are no interruptions during the evening. This means switching off your phone, together with the TV and anything else that could prove to be a distraction.6


Plan a Trip to London

A trip to lovely London is a classic approach to adding some romance to any week. What could be better for your relationship than staying in a luxury hotel, visiting Tower Bridge and taking a relaxing trip on one of the leisurely London river cruises?

You could also take in a West End show, eat in world class restaurants and visit a few of the city’s most atmospheric pubs. A couple’s trip to the capital is certainly something that has something for every taste and budget.

It is also worth pointing out that London is a wonderful city for visiting at any time of year. From enjoying the sun in Hyde Park to wrapping up for a spot of Christmas shopping, this is a place where you can make the most of any season.

Of course, a trip here for the 14th of February is always an excellent idea. This is when you can head to a London Valentine’s Day restaurant for a fine meal and the kind of atmosphere that puts big smiles on your faces.

Make It a Lazy, Romantic Weekend

On the other hand, could it be that you go for the lazy option of having a relaxing weekend at home instead? This is a smart move if you have been incredibly busy lately and haven’t been able to spend time together doing the simple things.

Maybe you will watch some films, order in takeaway meals and drink some nice wine. Alternatively, you might decide to spend some time out in the garden, cook together or each read a book.

There are many ways to make a lazy weekend romantic just by spending time together and having a good time. It is, therefore, just a question of discovering the option that is perfect for you.

Once you find out how you most like to spend weekends like this you can look forward to doing the same things every time that you feel the need for a relaxing weekend to recharge your batteries.

Find a New Hobby You Can Share

If you can’t always spend a lot of time together then finding a new hobby that you can share is a tremendous idea. This is something that can add a lot of excitement to your days while allowing you to be together more often too.

Of course, there is a massive selection of different hobbies that you could try out with your partner. There range from rock climbing and surfing to hiking and painting, along with many others too.

In addition to being able to share more time in each other’s company, this could also give you a fresh new way to learn extra skills or keep fit. The best hobbies are likely to become a big part of your life and give you great pleasure over years.

There is no reason at all to settle for a drop in the levels of romance in your life. Instead of settling for a boring relationship you should look at ideas like these to add that spark to it again.