Oliver Peoples- Stars, Shades and Storytelling Campaigns

In 2006, Oliver Peoples focused their brand towards more of a niche market. The image of the brand changed and their products were directed more towards the stars of the world. Their adverts and campaigns began to be shot in luxurious places, with classy clothes, a cool soundtrack and of course, celebrities wearing fabulous Oliver Peoples Sunglasses.

Story teller campaigns are the most memorable adverts. For most of us, adverts just fill the space between programmes ending and programmes starting. With the introduction of the fast forward button on the sky plus box many of us happily avoid adverts all together.  So, when you have no choice but to sit through the reel of adverts, how many do you actually remember?

You don’t find yourself remembering the dealsadvertised about the latest hoovers or the 3 for 2 offer on stationery. You remember the stories. The stories capture our imaginations and emotions.

Story teller campaigns began when advertisers figured out that us humans, the buying public, are emotional beings. They realised that we are more likely to become attached to an emotional story behind a product rather than the specifics of the said product. Therefore, creating an emotional response to an advert has a far bigger influence on consumer behaviour rather than that of an advert simply displaying products.

If we think back to some of the best story telling campaigns, we will think of brands such as John Lewis with Monty the Penguin and the man on the moon. Also, Guinness,who appeal to our morality astheir tagline reads‘the choices we make reveal the true nature of our character’.

Guinness adverts follow a simple plot, yet tell an effective story. Guinness think outside the box and breach out further than the normal group of guys at a bar with a beer. Guinness convey a perfect example of concise brand story telling with a big heart. One permeant advert focuses on the “Empty Chair”. It plays out the story of a bartender who pours a pint of Guinness and leaves it on an empty table every night without fail. Regardless of the on goings within the pub, no one sits at that table. The advert zooms in on a woman who shoots a dirty to look to anyone who eyes up the free table and chairs. The pint of Guinness is a powerful image, a clear sign of hope. Everything falls into place when a soldier returns home, claiming the pint of Guinness. The advert finishes with the Guinness tagline “The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character.”

One of the infamous story telling brands is John Lewis. As we approach the festive season it wouldn’t be right to disregard their classic, annual Christmas ad. The release of the John Lewis advert gets most people in the Christmas spirit.

Upon its release, the ad dominates social media feeds, people are captivated across the nation. Talking about it non-stop and downloading the soundtrack. It’s an advert you instantly remember, despite there being not one product in sight. Watching the advert, we learn nothing of John Lewis’s Christmas offers, opening times or delivery options,yet it is one of the most successful advert campaigns of the decade. In 2014, their Monty the Penguin story campaign was responsible for a staggering intake of around £734 million in the 5 week run up to Christmas.

So, basically, as humans we are more likely to remember a lonely penguins quest for love than an advert pitching products and deals.

Oliver People’s campaigns are said to be amongst some of the most beautiful visual campaigns. Their video campaigns began in 2009.

Their first optical advert was directed by Autumn De Wilde and starred singer songwriter, Matt Costa and actress Zooey Deschanel. Following adverts included stars such as Elijah Wood, Shirley Mason the Garbage singer, Dakota Johnson and Thomas McDonnel. Oliver Peoples most successful video campaign aired in 2011. It was directed by Lisa Eisner and featured folk star DevandraBanhart and Rebecca Shwartz.

In all of the adverts the celebrities are dressed in high-end, stylish clothes and are surrounded byluxurious places. This indicates that Oliver Peoples shades are associated witha particular class, targeting people who live a certain lifestyle. The type of people who dress well, drink champagne, lounge by the pool and play golf. All whilst rocking those Oliver Peoples shades.

So if you’re used to living the high life, grab a pair of OPsunglasses and get lost in the story telling campaigns of Oliver Peoples.