The Melanesian cruise is perfect for the entire family,

The Melanesian cruise is perfect for the entire family, a friend vacation or a romantic escape. From an abundance of culture to out of this world daredevil adventures, these islands are packed with activities for the entire family. A prominent focus tour to these islands is bird watching. Home to hundreds of tropical bird species, it is a fun treat for any bird lover and a great way for families to have nature, culture and adventure combined into one tour.  Melanesia consists of 4 islands and seeing as most people schedule just a week or 2 for their holiday, it is pretty hard for someone with no prior knowledge of the land to organize a holiday that will ensure that they would get their money’s worth while also leaving a lot of time geared towards birds. The Melanesian cruise is the way to go in this regard so that you get to leave it up to experts to plan the ideal time away.

As cruises are generally the cheaper way to travel it means more people get to come along on the exotic Melanesian cruise. Boarding for the Melanesian cruise takes place at one port and this will require for passengers to make their way here and for some this would even mean taking a flight. This is not covered as part of the Melanesian cruise package price. Once guests have boarded the ship for the Melanesian cruise, the fun begins. Taking a cruise means that even during the travel time, there is much to do and take in. Activities on board the ship include organized games, casinos, exercise classes, deck games, spas, pools, shows, clubs and a host of restaurants. So even though it may take a few days to get to the Melanesian Islands, this time will fly by.

Once the ship arrives at the islands which are the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea is when the real adventure begins. Booking into a Melanesian cruise package means that guests will get an excellent mix between normal holiday tour activities and birding. The potential for birding is huge and avid birders will be spoilt for choice. Varieties seen during the Melanesian cruise that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world include the Polynesian Myna, Moustached Treeswift and the Red Bellied Myzomela. The entire ships passengers will not be booked into the special Melanesian cruise birding expedition. This would means hundreds of people cavorting in one place and this is not the ideal condition for birding as it would scare them away. The cruise ship will dock at various points during the journey to the islands. People booked on other catered tours will go their own way and the birding gang will make their way into the wildlife areas which are frequented by the rarer bird species. This group is a smaller number so if this is a trip that is being considered, you would want to book months in advance to ensure that a spot would be reserved for you.