Month: September 2016

A Smoky Mountain HI

Posted on 01/09/2016 in mountain by

I index thousands of records a year and most of them are straight forward births, marriages, deaths, obits, muster rolls and so on (if you don’t know what Indexing is, click here ). Life’s events play out on digititized pages that I download on my home computer. It’s all fascinating to me, to see naming patterns, occupations practiced in various areas, causes of death, and which ethnicities appear where and when. It’s a habit of mine to read between the lines and place the data into historical context. Saturday AM I hiked to the top of a overlook near Mount Davis (7905′) to get a good seat and watch the days firefight begin. The winds were low, allowing for an air assault on the Gladiator Fire unlike the day before. Armed with long camera lenses, I attempted to photograph and made a couple of still camera videos of the Gladiator …