The climate of Botswana is temperate and although a tour here can be done at any time

People from around the world can embark on the Botswana photo safari.Guests will land in the capital city of Gaborone. It is only upon landing that all expenses for the Botswana photo safari will take effect. Getting to the country is a separate expense and not covered due to conflicting flight costs. However, once in Botswana, all expenses are covered. This is the advantage of booking into a travel package deal. You would handle your budget way in advance and only need to take some cash along for purchasing some souvenirs and tipping your guide. Travelling, during the Botswana photo safari is done in Jeep vehicles. It is preferred to cover the entire journey this way as there is so much to explore between the regions.

The climate of Botswana is temperate and although a tour here can be done at any time, travel companies prefer the summer months from November to March when animals are at their most social. Going on the Botswana photo safari allows for guests to be fully prepared as they will receive a full check list of what to expect and also of what to bring along. For an area such as this, longer light clothing is required to keep both the sunlight and mosquitoes at bay. That is standard, but also bring along good walking shoes because although you would be within the safety of the Jeep at all times, you would be required to get out to get the best photos.

Since the Botswana photo safari is focused on photography, you may want to bring along your own equipment but it must be waterproof. If you do not wish to bring along your own, then the tour guide will also have cameras available for your use. The tour is a combined workshop and fieldwork exercise in one. At the camp base, which is at one of the many luxurious lodges along the way from Gaborone to the Okavango Delta is where the workshop takes place. The tour guides sets the course for getting the best snapshots. Lessons are given on motion, landscape and shutter speed photography. These are put to the test in the best possible setting.

An abundance of animals are encountered out in the wild during the Botswana photo safari such as lions, zebras, hippos, leopards, elephants, antelopes and hyenas. Areas along the way are also rich in birding. Different backgrounds will also be encountered on the Botswana photo safari. The grassy areas of the central region. The wetlands of the Okavango Delta. The sandy dryness of the Kalahari Desert. The photography lessons do not stop at the lodge. The best practice comes from actually engaging in the activity. The tour guide is always on hand to give information on the various spots visited but to also give constructive criticism on camera work. This is why groups are kept small on the Botswana photo safari, so that the guide does not have to rush between guests and each gets a fair amount of individual attention.