The Pamir Highway is located in a region that is among the least visited in the world

The Pamir Highway is located in a region that is among the least visited in the world. Therefore, anyone attempting Pamir Highway tours are in for a totally unique adventure. The tour crosses several countries and each day brings about new scope for touring. It may seem that one simple highway can be done on a private holiday, but it is recommended to go with a tour company. It is not just the remoteness of the land that presents a problem but also the lack of resources. Tour companies have more of a knowledge on the area than anything that can be found on the internet and along with bringing along vital travelling equipment they are able to ensure that you would come away with the full Pamir Highway experience.

Booking a spot on the tour will also allow you to focus solely on exploring the area and none of the mundane travel logistics. The Pamir Highway tour company will be responsible for all of the transport required of the trip, all meals and lodgings, and entrance fees to certain areas. The only preparation done by the tour guest is bringing along some clothing and personal items, and money will only be needed for buying gifts.

The bonus of booking into Pamir Highway tours is the guide that will accompany you throughout the trip. It is a safety net of sorts to have someone who is so well versed with the area to come along. The support they provide in this unfamiliar and remote land is incalculable. Add to this, is having along someone who is ever ready to depart in depth knowledge all along the Pamir Highway.

Along the way, guests will experience some truly unique opportunities that very few have ever been on. It begins almost immediately in the landing city of Dushanbe. The city is famed for having one of the biggest libraries and highest flagpoles in the world. Exploration opportunities are vast here but the city must be left to venture onward, onto the Pamir Highway. Many religions have a rich history in areas along the highway, but it is Islam which plays a big role. Multiple major mosques and mausoleums are found along the way, along with museums which house priceless Islamic artefacts. In addition, many of the areas have been classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

These sites along with some towns with highly noted designs can be found towards the latter part of the tour on the Pamir Highway. The first few days sees a tour group passing through remote villages and rougher terrain. They do hold their advantages though, as tour companies arrange for daredevil activities like mountain climbing, or a simple hike to get to a higher spot on the mountain to better appreciate the land. Undoubtedly, the Pamir Highway is located among some of the most breath-taking scenery on earth. The areas are all different in terrain from snow-capped mountains to bountiful flowering fields, and no 2 days on the trip are the same.