An Algeria tour offers all accommodation, transport, meals and guides

Although there is a lot to see and do on an Algeria tour, some places do offer more scope than others. Take the capital city of Algiers for instance. At first glance, it is just your normal coastline, albeit with some amazing white buildings, but if you delve a bit further you are able to explore a National Garden, monument to the country’s fight for independence and so many more historical sights. There is so much to take in that it is damn near an enormous task for someone who is not familiar with the country. Rather rely on the experts and book yourself into an Algeria tour if you want to visit this somewhat unknown country. It is Africa’s biggest country and along with that size, there is so much tourist activities across the land.

An Algeria tour would ensure that you get to explore the many main sites of the country within a short time frame. Not only that but along with a proper schedule, an Algeria tour offers all accommodation, transport, meals and guides. It is the perfect way to get a packaged access to all of these factors which would be costlier and more time consuming if you were to arrange them individually. Guests going on the Algeria tour would also be guaranteed that they would get reliable hotels and vehicles and not be scammed. You would also get to glimpse places that most tourists do not really know off, the hidden gems of Algeria if you will. The second largest city of Oran is one such example.

Most guests visit the city to see the majestic fort of Merinid Sultan Abou Hassan. It really is outstanding and stands even taller than at its inception because over the centuries many have added structure to it. But nearby Oran is what is considered to be a treasure cove of Islamic culture. The town of Tlemcen boasts so many mosques, tombs and madrassahs. All are ancient and have deep meaning. Further to this they are a feast for the eyes with their intricate design and old world charm. Another stop on the Algeria tour is the city of Constantine. A more inland travel is required to get here.

This city overflows with Roman architecture but it is the famed suspension bridges which span across mountains which are the main draw point for tourists. There are many but at least one is visited on the Algeria tour. The mountainous region will eventually give way to the sandy dunes of the Sahara Desert. A lot of travel is done in the desert area even if flights are used between cities on the Algeria tour. Due to the remoteness of these areas, accommodation is laid out in campsites and most distance is covered by camel. Every so often the tour group will come across an oasis town of sorts. One such town visited on the Algeria tour is Taghit. These little towns also offer much for tourists with ancient cave paintings and fun sand dune activities.